Learner's Word of the Day
October 2020
October 25th cooperate
October 24th veil
October 23rd dehydrate
October 22nd thankfully
October 21st knot
October 20th irresistible
October 19th herculean
October 18th divot
October 17th mandatory
October 16th get a grip on yourself
October 15th quaint
October 14th engaging
October 13th brainteaser
October 12th outpouring
October 11th fantastic
October 10th indicate
October 09th adorable
October 08th pick out
October 07th partially
October 06th transparency
October 05th uproot
October 04th merchandise
October 03rd prop up
October 02nd elusive
October 01st workout
September 2020
September 30th pour your heart out
September 29th memorabilia
September 28th nutritious
September 27th stale
September 26th bonus
September 25th voting booth
September 24th foam
September 23rd concerted
September 22nd imitate
September 21st headquarters
September 20th adrift
September 19th document
September 18th famous
September 17th shoehorn
September 16th dishearten
September 15th downpour
September 14th unquestionably
September 13th nuisance
September 12th maternal
September 11th intricate
September 10th underdone
September 09th ornament
September 08th multitasking
September 07th foyer
September 06th swaddle
September 05th tally
September 04th costume
September 03rd perilous
September 02nd gigantic
September 01st palm
August 2020
August 31st pudgy
August 30th off-putting
August 29th convertible
August 28th patron
August 27th imperative
August 26th constitution
August 25th pitcher
August 24th embellish
August 23rd exemplary
August 22nd in a huff
August 21st bring up
August 20th owe
August 19th invasive
August 18th glitch
August 17th aspire
August 16th flurry
August 15th tear down
August 14th dole out
August 13th archway
August 12th rake
August 11th bear
August 10th tweak
August 09th wacky
August 08th crate
August 07th edible
August 06th time-out
August 05th dodge
August 04th bric-a-brac
August 03rd contagious
August 02nd mobilize
August 01st debt
July 2020
July 31st casserole
July 30th assortment
July 29th alternate
July 28th shabby
July 27th oops
July 26th core
July 25th platter
July 24th egotist
July 23rd braid
July 22nd spiral
July 21st parade
July 20th impractical
July 19th place setting
July 18th hang out
July 17th (as) bold as brass
July 16th humanitarian
July 15th contrast
July 14th shuffle
July 13th hurdle
July 12th mattress
July 11th torso
July 10th lounge
July 09th cross paths
July 08th embroider
July 07th spooky
July 06th victory
July 05th foolish
July 04th frighten
July 03rd image
July 02nd error
July 01st haze
June 2020
June 30th take it easy
June 29th scatter
June 28th lace
June 27th ornament
June 26th on pins and needles
June 25th shrug
June 24th approval
June 23rd imperative
June 22nd ditch
June 21st compass
June 20th rugged
June 19th quarrel
June 18th smudge
June 17th swamp
June 16th spread
June 15th flatter
June 14th component
June 13th stand out
June 12th brainiac
June 11th extract
June 10th wherever
June 09th hit the books
June 08th prodigy
June 07th (as) bold as brass
June 06th amiss
June 05th ornate
June 04th blob
June 03rd stress
June 02nd discontent
June 01st morbid
May 2020
May 31st plumage
May 30th vegan
May 29th melodramatic
May 28th corsage
May 27th parade
May 26th bud
May 25th living
May 24th refugee
May 23rd flexible
May 22nd catch some rays
May 21st confetti
May 20th peg
May 19th faux pas
May 18th investment
May 17th habitat
May 16th snarl
May 15th move in
May 14th precarious
May 13th time-out
May 12th quilt
May 11th romantic
May 10th livestock
May 09th decompose
May 08th reconstruct
May 07th tidbit
May 06th swaddle
May 05th flaw
May 04th fresh
May 03rd drab
May 02nd lounge
May 01st recipient
April 2020
April 30th absent
April 29th breather
April 28th sock away
April 27th scoop
April 26th eyesore
April 25th arduous
April 24th goofball
April 23rd origami
April 22nd lacy
April 21st crawl
April 20th inscribe
April 19th adhere
April 18th detest
April 17th exposed
April 16th in a huff
April 15th GOP
April 14th tongs
April 13th judgment
April 12th wall-to-wall
April 11th engulf
April 10th peppy
April 09th foolish
April 08th have a ball
April 07th leap year
April 06th coupon
April 05th hazardous
April 04th blizzard
April 03rd trickle
April 02nd culinary
April 01st go bananas
March 2020
March 31st tad
March 30th mischievous
March 29th play-off
March 28th expensive
March 27th tow
March 26th marathon
March 25th vain
March 24th the brunt of
March 23rd likely
March 22nd layup
March 21st hot spot
March 20th halve
March 19th submerge
March 18th intake
March 17th eventually
March 16th shabby
March 15th deluge
March 14th from scratch
March 13th warm up
March 12th wacky
March 11th chasm
March 10th frame
March 09th hesitant
March 08th compact
March 07th single file
March 06th apparel
March 05th freckle
March 04th refreshment
March 03rd layer
March 02nd deteriorate
March 01st spectacular
February 2020
February 29th shoehorn
February 28th silent treatment
February 27th sass
February 26th extinct
February 25th include
February 24th magnificent
February 23rd beacon
February 22nd contact lens
February 21st shrub
February 20th deadline
February 19th temptation
February 18th supportive
February 17th image
February 16th eavesdrop
February 15th knock
February 14th glamorous
February 13th floor
February 12th shuttle
February 11th twig
February 10th go beyond
February 09th exactly
February 08th quaint
February 07th unfortunately
February 06th residue
February 05th pumped
February 04th doze off
February 03rd ashamed
February 02nd out-of-body experience
February 01st fade
January 2020
January 31st access
January 30th go all out
January 29th snowbank
January 28th dependable
January 27th vase
January 26th tradition
January 25th bonus
January 24th barefoot
January 23rd dairy
January 22nd go heavy on
January 21st shy
January 20th frighten
January 19th tattoo
January 18th energetic
January 17th stellar
January 16th boardwalk
January 15th abandoned
January 14th exude
January 13th migrate
January 12th menorah
January 11th have it made
January 10th dishearten
January 09th sandwich
January 08th eatery
January 07th lousy
January 06th slumber
January 05th antique
January 04th out of sorts
January 03rd lift a finger
January 02nd take a liking to
January 01st nettle
December 2019
December 31st comprehend
December 30th booze
December 29th minuscule
December 28th blend
December 27th generosity
December 26th forecast
December 25th foyer
December 24th turbulent
December 23rd eve
December 22nd aerobic
December 21st displease
December 20th pad
December 19th under way
December 18th crease
December 17th bells and whistles
December 16th stupefy
December 15th obscure
December 14th weigh down
December 13th earlobe
December 12th stealthy
December 11th blazing
December 10th crispy
December 09th brainteaser
December 08th dyed-in-the-wool
December 07th hang out
December 06th hub
December 05th gamble
December 04th fly high
December 03rd nonsensical
December 02nd socialize
December 01st immerse
November 2019
November 30th raft
November 29th tweak
November 28th lawyer
November 27th nosegay
November 26th initiate
November 25th charity
November 24th paternal
November 23rd scant
November 22nd respect
November 21st tablecloth
November 20th hurl
November 19th mess up
November 18th mass transit
November 17th awkward
November 16th antenna
November 15th intention
November 14th bubble gum
November 13th backward
November 12th caricature
November 11th defeated
November 10th partially
November 09th copious
November 08th remote
November 07th videographer
November 06th relic
November 05th fantastic
November 04th seethe
November 03rd abode
November 02nd crutch
November 01st virtuoso
October 2019
October 31st dam
October 30th transpire
October 29th fork
October 28th tantrum
October 27th gruesome
October 26th vestige