Learner's Word of the Day
October 2021
October 22nd hollow
October 21st overdue
October 20th swell
October 19th take it easy
October 18th entertain
October 17th mold
October 16th smear
October 15th hurry up and wait
October 14th dialogue
October 13th distort
October 12th approval
October 11th bummer
October 10th independence
October 09th reflex
October 08th extinct
October 07th all-nighter
October 06th crawl
October 05th loop
October 04th hydrate
October 03rd accompany
October 02nd temptation
October 01st reflective
September 2021
September 30th spacious
September 29th fluffy
September 28th chunk
September 27th slope
September 26th confiscate
September 25th deface
September 24th (as) sick as a dog
September 23rd knock
September 22nd stress
September 21st mobile home
September 20th outlet
September 19th fluid
September 18th advice
September 17th memorabilia
September 16th fluctuate
September 15th investment
September 14th man's best friend
September 13th traction
September 12th booze
September 11th provision
September 10th gross
September 09th cluster
September 08th kidnap
September 07th few
September 06th lethargic
September 05th energetic
September 04th makeover
September 03rd referee
September 02nd transaction
September 01st hybrid
August 2021
August 31st component
August 30th fleece
August 29th lie low
August 28th lighthearted
August 27th hurdle
August 26th glamorous
August 25th refreshments
August 24th concoct
August 23rd unstable
August 22nd pair up
August 21st pair off
August 20th manufacture
August 19th spike
August 18th overrun
August 17th invasive
August 16th rupture
August 15th stealthy
August 14th break into
August 13th multiply
August 12th roam
August 11th hazardous
August 10th diverge
August 09th indistinguishable
August 08th diagnosis
August 07th contagious
August 06th mess up
August 05th passive
August 04th absorb
August 03rd outcast
August 02nd aggressive
August 01st relic
July 2021
July 31st retail
July 30th blossom
July 29th megaphone
July 28th conflict
July 27th forecast
July 26th deadline
July 25th packet
July 24th catastrophe
July 23rd crutch
July 22nd campus
July 21st respond
July 20th drought
July 19th multitasking
July 18th tricky
July 17th tidbit
July 16th settlement
July 15th outline
July 14th posture
July 13th stockpile
July 12th petition
July 11th inspect
July 10th framework
July 09th export
July 08th flaw
July 07th breather
July 06th enrage
July 05th deploy
July 04th conceal
July 03rd assortment
July 02nd arduous
July 01st casual
June 2021
June 30th snoop
June 29th pallid
June 28th crack down
June 27th deteriorate
June 26th embassy
June 25th picky
June 24th getup
June 23rd on exhibit
June 22nd yucky
June 21st chunk
June 20th cushion
June 19th sass
June 18th irresponsible
June 17th peg
June 16th tantrum
June 15th hype
June 14th garage sale
June 13th turtleneck
June 12th foresight
June 11th arduous
June 10th hereditary
June 09th up to par
June 08th perch
June 07th hot spot
June 06th to a T
June 05th mishap
June 04th applaud
June 03rd pursue
June 02nd seed
June 01st hatch
May 2021
May 31st outcast
May 30th plummet
May 29th mollify
May 28th leftovers
May 27th ajar
May 26th tassel
May 25th sketch
May 24th similar
May 23rd rupture
May 22nd reflex
May 21st radar
May 20th crawl
May 19th go beyond
May 18th strain
May 17th newbie
May 16th private investigator
May 15th outline
May 14th walkie–talkie
May 13th arduous
May 12th overrun
May 11th gob
May 10th wall-to-wall
May 09th obstinate
May 08th lacy
May 07th maintenance
May 06th deplorable
May 05th galaxy
May 04th sediment
May 03rd rarely
May 02nd lie low
May 01st fire up
April 2021
April 30th dedicated
April 29th contact lens
April 28th lurk
April 27th initiate
April 26th spiff up
April 25th tile
April 24th exposed
April 23rd engaged
April 22nd homegrown
April 21st blaze
April 20th leaf through
April 19th accompany
April 18th moisturize
April 17th bite-size
April 16th doodle
April 15th resolution
April 14th prudence
April 13th tailor
April 12th rocker
April 11th integer
April 10th vegan
April 09th spic-and-span
April 08th from scratch
April 07th shrub
April 06th apathy
April 05th applicant
April 04th on the fritz
April 03rd faux pas
April 02nd clip
April 01st lawyer
March 2021
March 31st bring home the bacon
March 30th jack-o'-lantern
March 29th silent treatment
March 28th panorama
March 27th commendable
March 26th TLC
March 25th immerse
March 24th motivation
March 23rd wilderness area
March 22nd overpowering
March 21st roam
March 20th therapeutic
March 19th activist
March 18th dress
March 17th judgment
March 16th cascade
March 15th hit the books
March 14th foil
March 13th aerobic
March 12th pumped
March 11th download
March 10th best man
March 09th blunt
March 08th profusion
March 07th smack-dab
March 06th miscellaneous
March 05th pair off
March 04th bridesmaid
March 03rd exude
March 02nd megaphone
March 01st pitch-black
February 2021
February 28th consumer
February 27th trend
February 26th at least
February 25th incentive
February 24th forage
February 23rd cupid
February 22nd grotesque
February 21st obscure
February 20th golden-ager
February 19th fidgety
February 18th enrage
February 17th soup kitchen
February 16th sensational
February 15th in stitches
February 14th wear out
February 13th mastermind
February 12th debate
February 11th go over big
February 10th fog
February 09th reception
February 08th pair up
February 07th souvenir
February 06th neighborly
February 05th steaming
February 04th independence
February 03rd valve
February 02nd flee
February 01st with flying colors
January 2021
January 31st toss-up
January 30th scarecrow
January 29th mass transit
January 28th exclusive
January 27th tad
January 26th tongs
January 25th sting
January 24th flow chart
January 23rd vase
January 22nd splurge
January 21st get a rise out of
January 20th nibble
January 19th get carried away
January 18th prodigy
January 17th farther
January 16th stellar
January 15th peruse
January 14th symmetrical
January 13th fringe
January 12th luxury
January 11th crayon
January 10th regard
January 09th export
January 08th dote on
January 07th scrap paper
January 06th fodder
January 05th chat
January 04th decline
January 03rd pop up
January 02nd extinct
January 01st fleece
December 2020
December 31st goulash
December 30th cubicle
December 29th highlight
December 28th sightseeing
December 27th reflect
December 26th accumulate
December 25th admire
December 24th work your magic
December 23rd barricade
December 22nd assortment
December 21st tulip
December 20th play-off
December 19th magenta
December 18th writer's block
December 17th shut-eye
December 16th bonus
December 15th distinguish
December 14th salute
December 13th breather
December 12th lecture
December 11th compile
December 10th sheen
December 09th veg
December 08th feign
December 07th mask
December 06th obsolete
December 05th recording
December 04th fictitious
December 03rd equal
December 02nd obviously
December 01st odd
November 2020
November 30th shard
November 29th roller coaster
November 28th askew
November 27th hire
November 26th dish out
November 25th wiggle room
November 24th fumble
November 23rd directly
November 22nd promptly
November 21st back-to-back
November 20th veterinarian
November 19th horizon
November 18th do-it-yourself
November 17th tousle
November 16th relic
November 15th bear hug
November 14th emerge
November 13th repulsive
November 12th rind
November 11th haywire
November 10th relieved
November 09th migrate
November 08th funnel
November 07th deflect
November 06th broke
November 05th remainder
November 04th cone
November 03rd cookout
November 02nd quarrel
November 01st restore
October 2020
October 31st picnic
October 30th lap
October 29th goofball
October 28th plug in
October 27th on pins and needles
October 26th blossom
October 25th cooperate
October 24th veil
October 23rd dehydrate