October 22, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
hollow /ˈhɑːloʊ/ adjective

hollower; hollowest

These chocolate bunnies are hollow inside.
These chocolate bunnies are hollow inside.
Learner's definition of HOLLOW

1 : having nothing inside : not solid

  • a hollow log

2 : curved inward or down

  • hollow [=sunken] cheeks

  • There was a hollow spot in the field.

3 : not having real value or meaning

  • They achieved a hollow victory over a team missing its best players. [=their victory was not an important or impressive one since the other team was missing its best players]

  • She made hollow promises. [=she made promises she would not keep]

  • Their threats ring hollow. = Their threats have a hollow ring. [=their threats do not seem truthful or sincere]

4 : Note — A sound that is hollow is like the sound made when you hit something that is empty inside.

  • He heard a hollow sound when he knocked on the wall.

5 : weak and without any emotion

  • “It's useless,” he said in a hollow voice.

  • a hollow laugh

hollowly adverb /ˈhɑːləli/

  • "It's useless,” he said hollowly.

hollowness noun [noncount]

  • the hollowness of her promises

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