October 18, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
entertain /ˌɛntɚˈteɪn/ verb

entertains; entertained; entertaining

Eating outside is an easy way to entertain.
Eating outside is an easy way to entertain.
Learner's definition of ENTERTAIN

1 : to have people as guests in your home or in a public place (such as a restaurant)

[+ object]

  • They like to entertain their friends at their summer home.

  • Much of his job as a salesman involves entertaining clients.

[no object]

  • They enjoy cooking and entertaining. [=hosting dinner parties and other social occasions]

2 a [+ object] : to perform for (an audience) : to provide amusement for (someone) by singing, acting, etc.

  • Jugglers were on hand to entertain the crowd.

  • Our father entertained us with stories.

2 b : to provide or be entertainment for (someone)

[+ object]

  • Our father's stories entertained us.

[no object]

  • Our father's stories never failed to entertain. [=his stories were always enjoyable]

3 [+ object] : to have (a thought, idea, etc.) in your mind

  • She was so unhappy with her job that she entertained thoughts of quitting. [=she thought about quitting]

  • It now seems possible to entertain hopes [=to hope] that the strike will be settled soon.

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