October 13, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
distort /dɪˈstoɚt/ verb

distorts; distorted; distorting

Distorted view of a city street
Distorted view of a city street
Learner's definition of DISTORT

1 : to change the natural, normal, or original shape, appearance, or sound of (something) in a way that is usually not attractive or pleasing

[+ object]

  • Her face was distorted by pain.

  • The odd camera angle distorted her figure in the photograph.

  • The sound of the guitar was distorted.

[no object]

  • Heat caused the plastic to distort.

2 [+ object] : to change (something) so that it is no longer true or accurate

  • She felt he was distorting the facts.

  • The story was distorted by the press.

  • The loss of both her parents at an early age distorted her outlook on life.

distorted adjective [more distorted; most distorted]

  • a distorted face/image

  • He had a distorted view of the situation.

  • His voice sounded distorted over the phone.

distortion noun, plural distortions


  • The statement was an intentional distortion of the facts.

  • Curved mirrors cause image distortions.


  • an image/sound that is free of distortion

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