September 10, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
gross /ˈgroʊs/ adjective

grosser; grossest also more gross; most gross

The way he eats is gross.
The way he eats is gross.
Learner's definition of GROSS

1 : very obvious or noticeable

  • There is a gross [=glaring] error in the text.

  • They have suffered a gross injustice.

  • That's a gross exaggeration.

2 a : rude or offensive

  • gross [=vulgar, coarse] language

2 b informal : very disgusting

  • That soup looks gross.

  • She has a gross habit of chewing on the ends of her hair.

3 always used before a noun : including everything

  • What was the gross [=total] weight of the shipment?

— used especially to describe a total amount of money that exists before anything (such as taxes or expenses) is taken away

  • the company's gross annual profits

  • Their gross earnings were $50,000.

4 : very big or fat

  • a gross man with an enormous belly

grossly adverb

grossness noun

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