August 19, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
spike /ˈspaɪk/ noun

plural spikes

A fence with spikes along the top
A fence with spikes along the top
Learner's definition of SPIKE

1 [count] : a long, thin rod that ends in a point and is often made of metal

  • There are spikes on top of the fence.

  • The climbers drove metal spikes into the ice.

  • a railroad spike [=a large nail used to attach rails to railroad ties]

2 [count] : a sudden, rapid increase in something

  • There's been a spike in traffic since the new grocery store opened.

  • a price spike

3 a [count] : a metal point attached to the bottom of shoes worn by athletes in some sports — usually plural

  • I need to replace the spikes on my golf shoes.

b spikes [plural] : shoes with metal points attached to the bottom

  • Baseball players usually wear spikes.

  • a pair of spikes

c spikes [plural] : women's shoes with high, thin heels

  • She wore (a pair of) spikes. [=spike heels]

4 [count] : a long, narrow group of flowers that grow on one stem

  • a spike of flowers = a flower spike

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