July 28, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
conflict /ˈkɑːnˌflɪkt/ noun

plural conflicts

Damage from years of armed conflict
Damage from years of armed conflict
Learner's definition of CONFLICT

1 : a struggle for power, property, etc.


  • an armed conflict

  • violent border conflicts

  • a conflict between two gangs


  • years of armed conflict [=battle]

  • recent violent conflict in the region

  • conflict between (forces of) good and evil

2 : strong disagreement between people, groups, etc., that results in often angry argument


  • Everyone in my family always tries to avoid conflict.

  • There was inevitable conflict over what to name the group.


  • They’re having serious conflicts over the budget.

  • A few students are being trained to resolve conflicts [=arguments, disputes] between other students.

3 : a difference that prevents agreement : disagreement between ideas, feelings, etc.


  • I don’t see any conflicts between the theories.

  • exploring the character’s inner conflicts [=ideas, feelings, etc., that disagree with one another]


  • You’ll need to resolve the conflict between your parent’s plans for you and your own ambitions.

4 [count] chiefly US : a situation in which you are unable to do something because there is something else you have already agreed to do at that same time

  • He has a conflict and can’t attend tomorrow’s meeting.

  • a scheduling conflict

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