July 25, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
packet /ˈpækət/ noun

plural packets

sugar packets
sugar packets
Learner's definition of PACKET

1 a [count] US : a small, thin package

  • I got two packets of broccoli seeds to plant this summer.

  • He puts two packets of sugar in his coffee.

  • Could you get me another packet of ketchup?

1 b [count] British : a package in which something is sold and bought

  • a packet [=(US) box] of crackers

  • a packet [=(US) pack] of cigarettes

2 a [count] US : a group of things that have been gathered together for a particular purpose and usually put into a container (such as a folder or a large envelope)

  • Your information packet includes a map and a schedule of all the events at the conference.

  • The senator's comments are included in his press packet. [=papers that give reporters official statements from public figures]

2 b [count] chiefly British : a small, thin package sent through the mail or delivered to a person

  • I received the packet of legal papers today.

3 [count] computers : an amount of information that is sent as a single unit from one computer to another over a network or the Internet

4 [singular] British, informal : a large amount of money

  • The furniture wasn’t expensive but we spent a packet on shipping charges.

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