July 23, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
crutch /ˈkrʌtʃ/ noun

plural crutches

Man walking up stairs on crutches
Man walking up stairs on crutches
Learner's definition of CRUTCH

1 : a long stick with a padded piece at the top that fits under a person’s arm — usually plural

Note: People who have difficulty walking often use crutches to help them walk.

  • He’s able to walk short distances with crutches but prefers his wheelchair.

  • I was on crutches [=I was using crutches to walk] for six weeks after I broke my leg.

2 usually disapproving : something that a person uses too much for help or support

  • She eventually realized that alcohol had become a crutch. [=that she was drinking too much alcohol as a way of dealing with her problems]

3 British : crotch (the part of the body where the legs join together; also : the part of a piece of clothing that covers this part of the body)

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