May 09, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
obstinate /ˈɑːbstənət/ adjective
An obstinate puppy
An obstinate puppy
Learner's definition of OBSTINATE

[more obstinate; most obstinate]

1 : refusing to change your behavior or your ideas : STUBBORN

  • his obstinate refusal to obey

  • an obstinate little boy

  • her obstinate behavior

  • My parents remain as obstinate as ever.

2 : difficult to deal with, remove, etc. : STUBBORN

  • an obstinate stain

  • a very obstinate problem

obstinacy /ˈɑːbstənəsi/ noun [noncount]

obstinately adverb

  • people who cling obstinately to the past

  • He obstinately refused to obey.

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