April 21, 2021
Learner's Word of the Day
blaze /ˈbleɪz/ verb

blazes; blazed; blazing

A fire blazing in a fireplace
A fire blazing in a fireplace
Learner's definition of BLAZE

[no object]

1 : to burn very brightly and intensely

  • A fire blazed in the stove.

2 a : to shine very brightly

  • The sun blazed down on us.

2 b : to be extremely bright or colorful like fire

  • The field was blazing [=ablaze] with flowers.

2 c of the eyes : to show anger

  • His eyes blazed with anger/fury.

3 : to shoot very quickly and constantly

  • The assassins rushed into the crowd, with their guns blazing.

— often + away

  • The shooter was still blazing away with an automatic rifle.

4 : to move very quickly

  • A comet blazed across the sky.

  • He blazed past the other runners.

  • The team blazed through the tournament. [=they easily defeated every opponent]

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