November 01, 2020
Learner's Word of the Day
restore /rɪˈstoɚ/ verb

restores; restored; restoring

Victorian-style house being restored to its original condition
Victorian-style house being restored to its original condition
Learner's definition of RESTORE

[+ object]

1 : to give back (someone or something that was lost or taken) : to return (someone or something) — often + to

  • The police restored the stolen purse to its owner.

  • The police restored the lost child to her parents.

2 : to put or bring (something) back into existence or use

  • Surgery will restore his hearing. [=surgery will let him hear again]

  • The police restored law and order.

  • The team's victory has restored a sense of pride to the community. [=the team's victory has made the community feel proud again]

  • The government needs to restore confidence in the economy.

3 : to return (something) to an earlier or original condition by repairing it, cleaning it, etc.

  • The crew is trying to restore the old house (to its original condition).

  • He restores old paintings.

  • an antique car that is being carefully restored

  • newly/recently restored churches

4 a : to bring (someone) back to an earlier and better condition — usually + to

  • Her care restored the child to health.

4 b : to put (someone) back in a position — usually + to

  • His allies restored the king to the throne.

restorable /rɪˈstorəbəl/ adjective

  • The car is in restorable condition.

restorer noun, plural restorers [count]

  • an art restorer

  • a restorer of antique furniture

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