October 31, 2020
Learner's Word of the Day
picnic /ˈpɪknɪk/ noun

plural picnics

Family picnic
Family picnic
Learner's definition of PICNIC


1 a : a meal that is eaten outdoors especially during a trip away from home

  • We decided to have a picnic on the beach.

  • We ate our picnic by the lake.

1 b : a trip or party that includes a meal eaten outdoors

  • This weekend I have a family picnic [=a picnic with family members] to go to.

  • The annual school/company picnic is this weekend.

◊ If you go on a picnic, you go somewhere to have a picnic.

  • Let's go on a picnic today.

2 informal : something that is pleasant or easy

  • This winter is a picnic compared with last year's.

— often used in negative statements

  • Breaking a leg is no picnic. [=breaking a leg is not a pleasant experience]

  • Being president isn't exactly a picnic. [=being president is not easy]

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