October 25, 2020
Learner's Word of the Day
cooperate /koʊˈɑːpəˌreɪt/ verb

cooperates; cooperated; cooperating

The child is not cooperating with the dentist.
The child is not cooperating with the dentist.
Learner's definition of COOPERATE

[no object]

1 : to work together : to work with another person or group to do something

  • It will be much easier if everyone cooperates.

  • Several organizations cooperated in the relief efforts.

  • The country agreed to cooperate with the other nations on the trade agreement.

2 a : to be helpful by doing what someone asks or tells you to do

  • The mother asked the child to put on his pajamas, but the child refused to cooperate.

  • Witnesses were willing/unwilling to cooperate.

— often + with

  • They said they would cooperate fully with the investigation.

  • He agreed/refused to cooperate with the police.

b : to act in a way that makes something possible or likely : to produce the right conditions for something to happen

  • We can barbecue on Sunday if the weather cooperates. [=if the weather is good enough]

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