January 07, 2020
Learner's Word of the Day
lousy /ˈlaʊzi/ adjective

lousier; lousiest

The man is a lousy cook.
The man is a lousy cook.
Learner's definition of LOUSY


1 : bad or poor

  • She got lousy grades in high school.

  • I like the work, but the pay is lousy.

  • He was a lousy husband.

: of poor quality : not good or skillful

  • They did a lousy job.

  • a lousy cook/driver

  • a lousy performance

— often + at or with

  • He is lousy [=terrible] at sports/math/cooking.

  • She's lousy with kids.

2 : not well or healthy

  • We could see that she was feeling lousy. [=feeling ill]

  • He drank too much and felt lousy the next morning.

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