September 24, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
wade /ˈweɪd/ verb

wades; waded; wading

Wading in a river
Wading in a river
Learner's definition of WADE

1 : to walk through water

[no object]

  • We waded into the ocean.

  • I jumped off the boat and waded back to shore.

  • (US) They took off their sandals and waded [=(British) paddled] at the edge of the pond.

[+ object]

  • They waded the river. [=they crossed the river by walking through the water]

2 a : to move or proceed with difficulty

[no object]

  • Police waded into the crowd.

  • We waded through the crowded bus station.

  • It took several weeks to wade through all the evidence.

[+ object]

  • We waded our way through the crowd.

2 b [no object] : to become involved in a discussion, situation, activity, etc., in a forceful, direct, or careless way — usually + in or into

  • Most politicians would have tried to avoid the subject, but he waded right in.

  • She waded right into their argument.

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