July 09, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
erase /ɪˈreɪs/ verb

erases; erased; erasing

Erasing work from a whiteboard
Erasing work from a whiteboard
Learner's definition of ERASE

1 [+ object] : to remove (something that has been recorded) from a tape (such as a videotape or audiotape) or a computer disk

  • The recording can be erased and the tape used again.

  • Several important files were accidentally erased.

also : to remove recorded material from (a tape or disk)

  • You can erase the tape/disk and use it again.

2 a chiefly US : to remove (something written) by rubbing or scraping so that it can no longer be seen

[+ object]

  • She erased the wrong answer from her paper and filled in the correct one.

  • I erased the chalk marks from the blackboard.

[no object]

  • These marks won't erase. [=can't be erased]

2 b [+ object] chiefly US : to remove something written from (a surface)

  • erase [=clean] the blackboard

3 [+ object] : to remove any thought or memory of (something)

  • Time has erased the event from her memory. [=she has completely forgotten the event]

erasable /ɪˈreɪsəbəl/ adjective

  • an erasable tape

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