July 02, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
collapse /kəˈlæps/ verb

collapses; collapsed; collapsing

A footbridge collapsed in heavy rains.
A footbridge collapsed in heavy rains.
Learner's definition of COLLAPSE

1 [no object] : to break apart and fall down suddenly

  • The bridge/building collapsed.

  • The roof collapsed under a heavy load of snow.

  • The chair he was sitting in collapsed.

2 a [no object] : to fall down or become unconscious because you are sick or exhausted

  • He collapsed on stage during the performance and had to be rushed to the hospital.

2 b [no object] : to completely relax the muscles of your body because you are very tired, upset, etc.

  • She came home from work and collapsed on the sofa.

  • The crying child ran to his mother and collapsed in her arms.

3 a [no object] : to fail or stop working suddenly : to break down completely

  • The civilization collapsed for reasons that are still unknown.

  • He warned that such measures could cause the economy to collapse.

  • Negotiations have completely collapsed.

3 b [no object] : to lose almost all worth : to become much less valuable

  • The country's currency collapsed.

  • Oil prices had collapsed.

4 [no object] medical : to become flat and empty

  • a blood vessel that collapsed

  • a collapsed lung

5 : to fold together

[no object]

  • The stroller collapses easily.

[+ object]

  • You can collapse the stroller easily and store it in the trunk of your car.

collapsible /kəˈlæpsəbəl/ adjective

  • a collapsible chair/table/stroller

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