May 07, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
withdraw /wɪðˈdrɑː/ /wɪθˈdrɑː/ verb
/wɪðˈdrɑː/ /wɪθˈdrɑː/

withdraws; withdrew; withdrawn; withdrawing

The woman is withdrawing cash from the ATM.
The woman is withdrawing cash from the ATM.
Learner's definition of WITHDRAW

1 [+ object] : to remove (money) from a bank account

  • She withdrew $200 from her checking account.

2 [+ object] : to take (something) back so that it is no longer available

  • The pills were withdrawn [=recalled] from the market because they were unsafe.

3 [+ object] formal : to take back (something that is spoken, offered, etc.)

  • The company withdrew [=retracted] the job offer.

  • The prosecutor withdrew her question to the witness.

  • They have withdrawn the charges.

  • withdraw support for a candidate

4 [no object] : to stop participating in something

  • Students can withdraw from a class anytime until the last week of the semester.

  • The injury forced him to withdraw from [=drop out of] the tournament.

5 a of soldiers : to leave an area

[no object]

  • The troops were forced to withdraw.

  • They withdrew from the battlefield.

[+ object]

  • The troops were withdrawn [=pulled back] from the front line.

b [no object] somewhat formal + old-fashioned : to leave a room, area, etc., and go to another place — + to

  • He retired and withdrew [=moved] to the country.

  • After dinner, we withdrew to the library.

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