April 30, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
scrape /ˈskreɪp/ noun

plural scrapes

A scrape on the knee
A scrape on the knee
Learner's definition of SCRAPE


1 : a mark or injury that is caused by something rubbing against something else

  • There's a scrape on the fender that wasn't there yesterday.

  • I got a scrape on my knee when I fell.

  • We survived the accident with a few minor bumps and scrapes.

2 informal : a bad, dangerous, or unpleasant situation

  • legal/financial scrapes

  • She got into a few scrapes with the police/law when she was younger.

3 : a harsh and usually unpleasant sound that is made when something rubs against a hard surface

  • the scrape of fingernails on a blackboard

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