April 24, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
stale /ˈsteɪl/ adjective

staler; stalest or more stale; most stale

Stale bread
Stale bread
Learner's definition of STALE

1 a of food : no longer good or appealing : no longer fresh

  • stale food

  • stale bread

1 b : not clean, clear, or pure : having an unpleasant taste or smell

  • stale air/water

  • a room filled with stale smoke

2 : not interesting or new : boring or unoriginal

  • stale news/jokes

  • Their relationship went stale. [=became dull or predictable]

3 : not as strong, effective, or energetic as before

  • She felt stale [=bored] in her job.

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