March 19, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
absent /ˈæbsənt/ adjective
One child is absent.
One child is absent.
Learner's definition of ABSENT

1 : not present at a usual or expected place

  • They were talking about absent friends. [=friends who were not there]

  • an absent father who is not home most of the time

  • The soldier was absent without leave. [=AWOL; absent without having permission to be absent]

  • Most of the executives attended the meeting, but the company president was conspicuously absent. [=conspicuous by his absence; it was very noticeable that the company president was not there]

— often + from

  • She was absent from work/school on three occasions.

2 : not present at all : not existing

  • a gene that occurs in mammals but that is absent in birds

  • a landscape in which vegetation is almost entirely absent

— sometimes + from

  • Vegetation is almost entirely absent from the landscape.

3 always used before a noun : showing that a person is thinking about something else : showing a lack of attention to what is happening or being said

  • He made an absent reply to her question as he continued to watch the TV.

  • There was an absent [=distracted] look on her face.

absently adverb

  • He replied absently to her question.

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