March 01, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
pace /ˈpeɪs/ noun

plural paces

The runners are keeping a steady pace.
The runners are keeping a steady pace.
Learner's definition of PACE

1 [singular]

a : the speed at which someone or something moves

  • He can run at a decent pace. [=he can run fairly fast]

  • We walked at a leisurely pace along the shore.

  • I told the kids to pick/step up the pace. [=go faster]

b : the speed at which something happens

  • The pace of the story was slow.

  • His new album is selling at a blistering/breakneck/dizzying pace.

  • Despite quickly advancing medical technology, the pace [=(more commonly) rate] of change in her field remained slow and steady.

  • She liked the fast pace of life in the city. [=she liked the fast way things happened in the city]

2 [count] : a single step or the length of a single step — usually plural

  • The tree is about 30 paces from the front door.

  • The dog walked a few paces behind us.

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