February 18, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
swipe /ˈswaɪp/ verb

swipes; swiped; swiping

Swiping a credit card
Swiping a credit card
Learner's definition of SWIPE

1 : to reach toward and try to hit (something) with a swinging motion

[+ object]

  • The cat swiped the dog across the nose.

— usually + at

  • The cat swiped at the dog.

2 [+ object] informal : to steal (something)

  • They swiped some candy from the store.

  • She swiped my idea.

3 [+ object] : to pass (a credit card, ATM card, etc.) through a machine that reads information from it

  • The cashier swiped the credit card and gave it back to me.

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