February 16, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
attention ˈtɛnʃən/ noun

plural attentions

Everyone is paying attention to what is on the laptop.
Everyone is paying attention to what is on the laptop.
Learner's definition of ATTENTION

1 : the act or power of carefully thinking about, listening to, or watching someone or something


  • We focused our attention on this particular poem.

  • My attention wasn't really on the game.

  • The game was boring and my attention began to wander. [=I was losing interest in the game and started thinking about other things]

— often + to

  • Her job requires careful attention to detail.

  • You need to pay more attention to the teacher.

  • Don't pay any attention to what the other kids say. [=ignore what the other kids say]


  • (US) Lately she's been focusing her attentions on making sales.

◊ This sense is sometimes used as an interjection.

  • Attention, please! [=please give me your attention]

2 [noncount] : notice, interest, or awareness

  • She likes all the attention she is getting from the media/press.

  • The actor avoids drawing attention to himself.

  • The book has received/attracted national attention.

3 [noncount] : special care or treatment

  • Be sure the dog gets plenty of attention.

  • The house is in good shape, but the porch needs some attention.

  • The victim needed immediate medical attention.

4 attentions [plural] : acts of kindness, care, or courtesy : acts that show affection or admiration for someone

  • She found his attentions flattering.

  • She has been receiving unwanted attentions from a coworker.

5 [noncount] : the way a soldier stands with the body stiff and straight, the feet together, and both arms at the sides — often used as a command

  • Attention!

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