February 14, 2019
Learner's Word of the Day
steer /ˈstiɚ/ verb

steers; steered; steering

Steering a riverboat
Steering a riverboat
Learner's definition of STEER

1 a : to control the direction in which something (such as a ship, car, or airplane) moves

[+ object]

  • She steered the ship through the strait.

  • He steered his car carefully into the parking space.

  • He steered the wheelchair through the aisles.

[no object]

  • Skillful navigators can steer by the positions of the stars.

1 b [no object] — used to describe how easy or difficult it is to steer a vehicle

  • The car steers well.

2 [no object] : to be moved or guided in a particular direction or along a particular course

  • The car was steering right at us.

  • The boat steered out to sea.

3 a [+ object] : to direct or guide the movement or progress of (something)

  • He tried to steer the conversation away from his recent problems.

  • She skillfully steered the bill through the legislature.

  • He steered the team to another championship last year.

3 b [+ object] : to cause (someone) to act in a particular way

  • The high recent returns on stocks have steered many investors away from bonds.

  • You should listen to me. I won't steer you wrong. [=I won't give you bad advice]

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