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Jane Mairs, Director of English language Learning Publishing
What is the correct sentence position for the adverb "quickly"?
Monday July 7th 2014
What is the correct sentence position for the adverb quickly?  — rlk95, United States

Like other adverbs of manner (slowly, thoughtfully, excitedly, etc.)quickly is most often placed before the main verb, especially if the verb has a direct object, as shown below.  

1. Before the main verb

  • They quickly locked the door. (locked is the main verb)
  • This is quickly becoming a nightmare.  (becoming  is the main verb)

However, like other adverbs of manner, quickly can also be placed in other positions in the sentence, as shown below.

2. After the main verb  (only if the verb has no direct object)  

  • Jane was typing quickly on her smartphone. (typing is the main verb)
  • You’ll learn quickly on the job. (learned is the main verb)

3. At the end of a sentence

  • Immersing yourself in another language will help you learn it quickly.
  • I walked to work quickly.

4. At the beginning of a sentence

  • Quickly we packed up and left.


In short, there is no one correct position for the adverb quickly