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What Is the Difference between Room and House ?
Wednesday November 13th 2019
What is the difference between 'room' and 'house' ? — Atif, India

A house is a building in which a family lives. A room is a part of the inside of a building that is divided from other areas by walls and a door and that has its own floor and ceiling. A house is usually divided into different rooms (as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room). Below are some examples of how they are used.

  • We bought a house with a big yard last year.
  • After dinner he went to his room [=bedroom] to read.
  • Their house is a one-story ranch house with three bedrooms.
  • We will meet in the conference room on the first floor at 11:00 am.
  • How many rooms are in your house?


Both room and house are also verbs. Room means "to live in a room, apartment, or house with another person." House means "to provide shelter or a living space for (someone)." Below are some examples of how they are used.

  • We roomed together in college. [=we were roommates in college]
  • The soldiers were housed in poorly heated huts.
  • He roomed with his brother for several years.
  • The organization houses veterans and helps them find jobs.
  • When we stay in hotels the boys room together [=they boys share a room].


I hope this helps.

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