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Serenity Carr, Associate Editor
Tourist and Tourism
Wednesday October 13th 2021
What's the difference between 'tourist' and 'tourism'? — Setareh, Iran

A tourist is a person who travels to a place for pleasure. Tourism is the business of providing amenities to tourists or the activity of traveling for pleasure. Below are some examples of how they are used.


In the summer, the city is filled with tourists from all around the globe.

The shop got most of its business from tourists just passing through town.

A lost tourist stopped to ask for directions.


The city is in a prime location for tourism.

Tourism provides the store with enough money to close in winter.

Some of the locals think tourism is ruining the quiet waterfront town.

The noun tourist is often used before other nouns:

tourist attractions

a popular tourist destination

the tourist industry


I hope this helps.


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