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Serenity Carr, Assistant Editor
This Type, These Type, This Types, These Types
Monday February 8th 2021
Which is correct: "I detest these types of programmes" or "I detest these type of programmes"? — Atomz, Nigeria

Both 'type' and 'types' can be correct, as long as everything agrees in number.


In a sentence that has a phrase like "this/these type/types of [noun]" you need everything to agree in number. That is, you need everything to be singular or everything to be plural.

'This' and 'type' are singular, so use them together with a singular noun.

'These' and 'types' are plural, so use them together with a plural noun.


Both of the following sentences are correct:

  • I detest these types of programmes. [everything is plural]
  • I detest this type of programme. [everything is singular]


'Kind' is another word that does this:

  • I love this kind of book. [everything is singular]
  • I love these kinds of books. [everything is plural]


I hope this helps.



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