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Serenity Carr, Assistant Editor
How Much and How Many
Friday October 16th 2020
How do you use "how much" and "how many"? — Joe, Mexico

How much is used with noncount nouns. Noncount nouns are nouns that cannot be counted and do not have a plural form. They are nouns like equipment, mud, coffee, air, and foliage.

How much fitness equipment do you need?

How much mud is on your car after driving through that puddle?

How much coffee do you want?

I don’t know how much air to put in the balloons.

Look how much foliage has already started to turn.


How many is used with count nouns. Count nouns are nouns that can be counted and they do have a plural form. They are nouns like book, person, mug, idea, and leaf. How many is always followed by a plural noun, not a singular noun.

How many books are on the table?

How many people did you invite?

Tell us how many mugs you want to order.

She needs to know how many ideas the board will suggest.

How many leaves are on the ground?


I hope this helps.



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