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Serenity Carr, Assistant Editor
Don't or Doesn't? Which is correct?
Tuesday July 28th 2020
When should I use don't and doesn't? For example, is it "he don't like ice cream" or "he doesn't like ice cream?" — Learners Everywhere

"He doesn't like ice cream" is correct.

When choosing between don't and doesn't it is important to remember that don't is a contraction of do and not, and doesn't is a contraction of does and not.

Then the choice between do and does depends on its subject. Use does with third person singular subjects (he, she, it, that, John, Kim, a cat). Use do with everything else (I, we, you, they, y'all, my parents, the shoes, people).


This chart shows when to use do and when to use does:




first person

I do

We do

second person

You do

You (all) do

third person

He does, She does, It does, Mary does

They do, your friends do



Don't and doesn't follow the same pattern:




first person

I don't

We don't

second person

You don't

You (all) don't

third person

He doesn't, She doesn't, It doesn't, Tim doesn't

They don't, the kittens don't

I hope this helps.


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