1 worse /ˈwɚs/ adjective
1 worse
Learner's definition of WORSE
comparative form of 1bad
: lower in quality
: less pleasant, attractive, appealing, effective, useful, etc.
: more serious or severe
: in poorer health than before
: less happy or pleased
: less appropriate or acceptable
: less morally right or good
: less skillful

from bad to worse

see 1bad

worse for wear

see 2wear

your bark is worse than your bite

see 2bark
2 worse /ˈwɚs/ adverb
2 worse
Learner's definition of WORSE
comparative form of badly
: in a worse way
used to say that what is going to be described is worse than what was mentioned before

could do worse

used to say that a particular choice, action, etc., is not a bad one
3 worse /ˈwɚs/ noun
3 worse
Learner's definition of WORSE
: something that is worse

for better or (for) worse

see 3better

if (the) worse comes to (the) worst, if worse comes to worse

see 3worst