1 wind /ˈwɪnd/ noun
plural winds
1 wind
plural winds
Learner's definition of WIND
: a natural movement of air outside
see also crosswind, downwind, headwind, tailwind, trade wind, upwind, whirlwind
[count] : something that has force or influence
[noncount] : the ability to breathe normally
see also second wind
[noncount] British : gas in the stomach or intestines
winds [plural] music : musical instruments (such as flutes and horns) that are played by blowing air into them : wind instruments

break wind

: to pass gas out of the anus

catch/get wind of (something)

: to hear about (something private or secret)

get/have the wind up

British, informal
: to become/be afraid or nervous

in the wind

like the wind

: very fast

put the wind up (someone)

British, informal
: to make (someone) afraid or nervous

sail close to the wind

see 1sail

straw in the wind

see straw

take the wind out of someone's sails

: to cause someone to lose confidence or energy

three sheets to the wind

see 2sheet

throw/fling/cast caution to the wind

see 1caution
2 wind /ˈwaɪnd/ verb
winds; wound /ˈwaʊnd/ ; winding
2 wind
winds; wound /ˈwaʊnd/ ; winding
Learner's definition of WIND
of a river, road, etc. : to follow a series of curves and turns
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] : to wrap (something, such as a string) around something
[+ object] : to turn a knob, handle, etc., on something (such as a clock) several times so that it can work
often + up

wind down

[phrasal verb]
: to relax and stop thinking about work, problems, etc. : unwind

wind up

[phrasal verb]
wind (something) up or wind up (something) : to end or complete (something)
: to reach or come to a place, situation, or condition that was not planned or expected
see also 2wind 3 (above), wound up

— winder

/ˈwaɪndɚ/ noun, plural winders [count]