1 wild /ˈwajəld/ adjective
wilder; wildest
1 wild
wilder; wildest
Learner's definition of WILD
of an animal : living in nature without human control or care : not tame
of a plant : growing or produced in nature : not grown or farmed by people compare cultivated
of land : not changed by people : not settled or developed
: uncontrolled and dangerous
: very enthusiastic or excited
: going far beyond what is normal or usual
: noisy and disorganized
: very enjoyable, lively, and exciting
: actively seeking excitement or pleasure
: made without knowledge or information : not based on facts
of a playing card : able to represent any other playing card
: done without accuracy or control see also wild pitch
: very stormy or violent

be wild about

: to like (someone or something) very much

sow your (wild) oats

see 1sow

wild and woolly

see 1woolly

— wildness

/ˈwajəldnəs/ noun [noncount]
2 wild /ˈwajəld/ noun
2 wild
Learner's definition of WILD
the wilds : a large area of land where people do not live and where plants, trees, etc., grow freely : wilderness
the wild : a wild, free, or natural place, state, or existence
3 wild /ˈwajəld/ adverb
3 wild
Learner's definition of WILD
: without being controlled

go hog wild

see 1hog

run wild

: to run, go, behave, etc., in a wild and uncontrolled way