1 view /ˈvjuː/ noun
plural views
1 view
plural views
Learner's definition of VIEW
[count] : an opinion or way of thinking about something
see also point of view
[count] : the things that can be seen from a particular place
used to say that something can or cannot be seen
[count] : a picture of a place

come in/into view

see 1come

heave into view

see 1heave

in plain view

see 1plain

in view of

somewhat formal
: when thinking about or considering (something)
: because of (something)

on view

: available to be seen

take the long view

: to think about the things that might happen in the future rather than only about the things that are happening now

with a view to

somewhat formal
: with the hope or goal of (doing something)
2 view /ˈvjuː/ verb
views; viewed; viewing
2 view
views; viewed; viewing
Learner's definition of VIEW
[+ object]
: to look at (something) carefully
: to see or watch (a movie, a TV show, etc.)
: to think about (someone or something) in a particular way
often + with or as

— viewing

/ˈvjuːwɪŋ/ noun, plural viewings [count]