1 use /ˈjuːz/ verb
uses; used; using
1 use
uses; used; using
Learner's definition of USE
[+ object] : to do something with (an object, machine, person, method, etc.) in order to accomplish a task, do an activity, etc.
often followed by to + verb
often + for often + as
[+ object] : to take (something) from a supply in order to function or to do a task
often + up
[+ object] used to say that something is needed or to ask if something is needed or wanted usually used with can or could
[+ object] : to eat, drink, etc., (something) regularly
[no object] informal : to take illegal drugs regularly
[+ object]
: to treat (someone) well in order to get something for yourself
: to treat (someone who is generous or helpful) unfairly

use up

[phrasal verb]
use up (something) or use (something) up
: to take (all of something) from a supply
see also 1use 2 (above)
see also used, used to
2 use /ˈjuːs/ noun
plural uses
2 use
plural uses
Learner's definition of USE
: the act of using something
often + of
: the state of being used
[count] : a way in which something is or can be used
[singular] : a way to use something or someone usually + for
[noncount] : the opportunity or right to use something
[noncount] used to say that something or someone is or is not helpful or useful
[noncount] : the ability or power to use something + of

have no use for

or not have any use for
: to not like or value (someone or something)

it's no use

used to say that something you have tried to do cannot be done

make use of

: to use (something)

put (something) to (good) use

: to use (something) in an effective way