1 up /ˈʌp/ adverb
1 up
Learner's definition of UP
: from a lower to a higher place or position
: in a high position or place
: toward the sky or ceiling
: from beneath the ground or water to the surface
: to or toward the north
informal : to or toward a place that is thought of as above or away from another place
chiefly British : to or at a more important place (such as a large city or university)
: to or toward a place that is close to someone or something
: to or toward a more forward position
: in or into a vertical or upright position
: out of bed
: with greater force
: at a higher or greater important position in a list or series
opposite down
: to a higher or greater level, amount, or rate
opposite down
: into a better or more advanced position or state
: so as to appear or be present
: in or into a working or usable state
: to someone's attention especially for discussion or consideration
: so as to be done or completed
: so as to be closed
: into pieces or parts
: into a state of activity or excitement

up and down

: forward and backward several or many times : repeatedly in one direction and then the opposite direction
: from a lower position to a higher position several times

up close

see 3close
2 up /ˈʌp/ adjective
2 up
Learner's definition of UP
not used before a noun
: in a high place or position
: raised so as to be opened
: risen from beneath the ground or water to the surface
: in a forward place or position
not used before a noun
: out of bed
: awake see also up and about (below)
not used before a noun : higher than usual
always used before a noun : moving or going to a higher level
not used before a noun, informal : happening : going on
often + with
not used before a noun : having more points than an opponent : ahead of an opponent
not used before a noun : operating or functioning
not used before a noun : beginning your turn in an activity
not used before a noun, of time : at an end
not used before a noun, [more up; most up] : happy or excited
not used before a noun, informal : having a lot of knowledge about something
not used before a noun, chiefly British, of a road : having the surface broken because repairs are being done

up against

: placed so as to be touching (something) see also up against a/the wall at 1wall
: confronted with

up against it

: in a difficult situation

up and about

or chiefly US up and around
: out of bed and doing things

up and down

: sometimes good and sometimes bad

up for

informal : wanting to have or do (something)
used to say that someone or something is or will be involved in a particular process and especially one that leads to a decision
used to say that something is available to be bought
: appearing in a court of law because of being accused of (a crime)

up to

: capable of performing or dealing with (something)
: good enough for (something)
: doing something especially in a way that is secret and with intentions that are bad
used to say who is responsible for making a choice or decision
used to indicate the place or level that is reached by something
: to or at (a specified amount, level, etc.)
: as many or as much as (a specified number or amount)
: during the time or period before

up to here

used to show that you have too much of something to deal with or that you are very annoyed by something and will not accept any more of it

up to par

see par

up to snuff

see 2snuff

up to speed

see 1speed

up to your ears

see 1ear

up to your eyeballs

see 1eyeball
3 up /ˈʌp/ preposition
3 up
Learner's definition of UP
: to, toward, or at a higher point on (something)
: along the course or path of (something)

up the creek (without a paddle)

see creek

up the wazoo

see wazoo

up until

or up till
: during the time or period before

up yours

slang, offensive
used as a rude reply to someone who has annoyed or angered you
4 up /ˈʌp/ noun
plural ups
4 up
plural ups
Learner's definition of UP
: a period or state of success, happiness, etc. usually plural

on the up

chiefly British
: moving toward an improved or better state

on the up and up

US : honest and legal
British : becoming more successful
5 up /ˈʌp/ verb
ups; upped /ˈʌpt/ ; upping
5 up
ups; upped /ˈʌpt/ ; upping
Learner's definition of UP
[+ object]
: to make (something) higher

up and

: to do something specified in a sudden and unexpected way
◊ In U.S. English, up and is often used instead of ups and or upped and.

up sticks

see 1stick

up the ante

see 1ante