1 under /ˈʌndɚ/ preposition
1 under
Learner's definition of UNDER
: in or to a lower place than (something) : below or beneath (something) : underneath
: guided or managed by (a person or group)
: controlled or affected by (something)
: in a particular state or condition : affected by a particular process
: according to (something)
: within the group that has (a particular title or label)
used to say that a particular name is used to indicate something
: less or lower than (a certain age, amount of money, etc.)
: hidden below (an outward appearance)
2 under /ˈʌndɚ/ adverb
2 under
Learner's definition of UNDER
: in or into a position that is below or beneath something
especially : in a position that is below the surface of water
: in a forward direction that passes below something
: less than an expected or stated number or amount
: into an unconscious state

go under

see 1go