1 trick /ˈtrɪk/ noun
plural tricks
1 trick
plural tricks
Learner's definition of TRICK
: an action that is meant to deceive someone
see also dirty tricks
: something done to surprise or confuse someone and to make other people laugh
: a clever and skillful action that someone performs to entertain or amuse people
: a clever and effective way of doing something
: something that causes confusion or that makes something seem different from what it actually is
: the cards that are played in one round of a card game
US, informal : a sex act performed by a prostitute

do the trick

: to produce a desired result : to solve a problem

every trick in the book

◊ If you try every trick in the book, you do everything you can to achieve something.

never/not miss a trick

: to notice everything : to always know what is happening

trick of the/your trade

see 1trade

up to your (old) tricks

◊ If you are up to your (old) tricks, you are doing the kind of dishonest things that you have done in the past.

you can't teach an old dog new tricks

see 1dog
see also hat trick, trick or treat
2 trick /ˈtrɪk/ verb
tricks; tricked; tricking
2 trick
tricks; tricked; tricking
Learner's definition of TRICK
[+ object]
: to deceive (someone)

trick into

[phrasal verb]
trick (someone or something) into (something)
: to use a trick to make (someone or something) do (something)

trick out

[phrasal verb]
trick (someone) out : to dress (someone or yourself) in an unusual way usually + in
trick (something) out or trick out (something) : to decorate (something) usually + with

trick out of

[phrasal verb]
trick (someone) out of (something)
: to use a trick to get (something) from (someone)
3 trick /ˈtrɪk/ adjective
3 trick
Learner's definition of TRICK
always used before a noun
: using methods that are meant to deceive someone
: done in a clever or entertaining way
US : weak and tending to fail suddenly