1 trap /ˈtræp/ noun
plural traps
1 trap
plural traps
Learner's definition of TRAP
: a device that is used for catching animals
see also mousetrap
: something that is used or done to stop or capture someone (such as a criminal)
: a situation in which someone is tricked into doing or saying something
see also speed trap
: a bad position or situation from which it is difficult to escape
see also poverty trap
US, golf : sand trap
slang : mouth
US, technical : a bend in a pipe that contains water and that prevents gas from passing through the pipe
called also (British) U-bend
see picture at plumbing
: a light carriage that is usually pulled by one horse

spring a trap

see 2spring
2 trap /ˈtræp/ verb
traps; trapped; trapping
2 trap
traps; trapped; trapping
Learner's definition of TRAP
[+ object]
: to catch (an animal) in a trap
: to force (a person or animal) into a place or position from which escape is very difficult or impossible
: to cause (a person or animal) to be unable to move or escape from a dangerous place
usually used as (be) trapped
: to force (someone) to stay in a bad or unpleasant situation + in
: to fool or trick (someone) into doing or saying something
: to stop (something) from escaping or being lost
British : to cause (something, such as a part of your body) to become stuck and unable to move
baseball : to catch (the ball) immediately after it bounces off the ground