1 tool /ˈtuːl/ noun
plural tools
1 tool
plural tools
Learner's definition of TOOL
: something (such as a hammer, saw, shovel, etc.) that you hold in your hand and use for a particular task
see also hand tool, machine tool
Synonyms see: [1]implement
: something that is used to do a job or activity
: something that helps to get or achieve something
: someone or something that is used or controlled by another person or group often + of
informal : a foolish person who can easily be used or tricked by others
informal + impolite : a man's penis

tools of the/your trade

see 1trade
2 tool /ˈtuːl/ verb
tools; tooled; tooling
2 tool
tools; tooled; tooling
Learner's definition of TOOL
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] US, informal : to drive or ride in a vehicle
[+ object] : to shape, form, or finish (something) with a tool

tool up

[phrasal verb]
tool (something) up or tool up (something)
: to provide (a factory) with machines and tools for producing something