1 tone /ˈtoʊn/ noun
plural tones
1 tone
plural tones
Learner's definition of TONE
: the quality of a person's voice
: the quality of a sound produced by a musical instrument or singing voice
: a quality, feeling, or attitude expressed by the words that someone uses in speaking or writing
: the general quality of a place, situation, etc.
: a shade of color
see also earth tone
: a small amount of a color
[noncount] : strength and firmness of the muscles or skin
[noncount] : the highness or lowness of a spoken syllable see also tone language
[count] : a sound made as a signal by a machine (such as a telephone or answering machine)
see also dial tone, ringtone
[count] music
: a sound of a particular pitch and vibration
chiefly British : whole step
2 tone /ˈtoʊn/ verb
tones; toned; toning
2 tone
tones; toned; toning
Learner's definition of TONE
[+ object]
: to give strength and firmness to (something, such as muscles or skin)

tone down

[phrasal verb]
tone (something) down or tone down (something)
: to make (something) less forceful, offensive, or harsh
: to make (something) less bright or colorful

tone in

[phrasal verb]
tone in with (something) British
: to match the color of (something)