1 title /ˈtaɪtl̟/ noun
plural titles
1 title
plural titles
Learner's definition of TITLE
[count] : the name given to something (such as a book, song, or movie) to identify or describe it
see also subtitle
[count] : a published book
[count] : a word or name that describes a person's job in a company or organization
: a word (such as Sir or Doctor) or an abbreviation (such as Mr. or Dr.) that is used with someone's name to show that person's rank, profession, or marital status
: a word or name (such as Lord or Lady) that is given to someone as a mark of honor, respect, or high social rank
[count] : the status or position of being the champion in a sport or other competition
[noncount] : a legal right to the ownership of property
[count] : a document which shows that someone owns property

rejoice in the title of

see rejoice
2 title /ˈtaɪtl̟/ verb
titles; titled; titling
2 title
titles; titled; titling
Learner's definition of TITLE
[+ object]
: to give a name or title to (something) : to call (a book, song, movie, etc.) by a title
3 title /ˈtaɪtl̟/ adjective
3 title
Learner's definition of TITLE
always used before a noun
: having the same name as a movie, play, etc.
: of, relating to, or involving a championship