1 tide /ˈtaɪd/ noun
plural tides
1 tide
plural tides
Learner's definition of TIDE
[count] : the regular upward and downward movement of the level of the ocean that is caused by the pull of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth
see also ebb tide, flood tide, high tide, low tide, riptide
[singular] : the flow of the ocean's water as the tide rises or falls
[singular] : the way in which something is changing or developing
[singular] : something that increases over time + of

go/swim with/against the tide

◊ If you go/swim with/against the tide, you think or behave in a way that agrees/disagrees with how most other people think or behave.
2 tide /ˈtaɪd/ verb
tides; tided; tiding
2 tide
tides; tided; tiding
Learner's definition of TIDE

tide over

[phrasal verb]
tide (someone) over
: to give (someone) what is needed to get through a short period of time