1 thumb /ˈθʌm/ noun
plural thumbs
1 thumb
plural thumbs
Learner's definition of THUMB
: the short, thick finger on the side of your hand
see picture at hand; see also green thumb
: the part of a glove or mitten that covers a thumb

all thumbs

(US) or British all fingers and thumbs
: extremely awkward or clumsy

rule of thumb

see 1rule

stick out like a sore thumb

see 1sore

twiddle your thumbs

see twiddle

under someone's thumb

: under someone's control or influence
2 thumb /ˈθʌm/ verb
thumbs; thumbed; thumbing
2 thumb
thumbs; thumbed; thumbing
Learner's definition of THUMB
: to ask for or get a ride in a passing vehicle by sticking out your arm with your thumb up as you stand on the side of the road : hitchhike
[+ object]
[no object]

thumb through

[phrasal verb]
thumb through (something)
: to turn the pages of (a book, magazine, etc.) quickly

thumb your nose at

: to show very clearly that you do not like or care about (something)

— thumbed

used in combination