1 term /ˈtɚm/ noun
plural terms
1 term
plural terms
Learner's definition of TERM
[count] : a word or phrase that has an exact meaning
terms [plural] : the particular kinds of words used to describe someone or something
: the length of time during which a person has an official or political office
: the length of time during which someone is in a prison, jail, etc.
: the length of time during which something (such as a contract) continues see also long term, medium-term, short term
[count] : one of the parts of the school year
terms [plural] : the conditions or rules that limit something (such as an agreement or a contract) : the things that must be agreed upon in order for something to happen or continue
terms [plural] used to describe the kind of relationship that people have with each other
[noncount] medical : the time at which a pregnancy of normal length ends

come to terms

: to reach an agreement often + with
: to learn how to accept or live with something that is difficult or painful + with

contradiction in terms

see contradiction

in terms of

used to indicate the specific thing that is being described, thought of, etc.

on your (own) terms

: according to your own wishes : in your own way

term of address

see 2address

term of endearment

see endearment

terms of reference

: a description of what must be dealt with and considered when something is being done, studied, etc.
2 term /ˈtɚm/ verb
terms; termed; terming
2 term
terms; termed; terming
Learner's definition of TERM
[+ object]
: to give a particular name or description to (something) : to call (something) by a particular name or to describe (something) in a particular way