1 sweet /ˈswiːt/ adjective
sweeter; sweetest
1 sweet
sweeter; sweetest
Learner's definition of SWEET
[also more sweet; most sweet]
: containing a lot of sugar
: very gentle, kind, or friendly
chiefly British : very pretty or cute
: having a very pleasant smell, sound, or appearance
: clean and fresh
: making you feel happy or pleased : very pleasant
chiefly US, informal : very good or impressive

be sweet on

old-fashioned + informal
: to be in love with (someone)

home sweet home

see 1home

keep someone sweet

British, informal
: to be kind and friendly so that someone will do something for you later

short and sweet

see 1short

sweet nothings

see 3nothing

your own sweet time

see 1time
2 sweet /ˈswiːt/ noun
plural sweets
2 sweet
plural sweets
Learner's definition of SWEET
[count] : a food that contains a lot of sugar : a sweet food
[count] British : a piece of candy
[count, noncount] British : a sweet food served at the end of a meal : dessert
[noncount] old-fashioned used to address someone you love