1 style /ˈstajəl/ noun
plural styles
1 style
plural styles
Learner's definition of STYLE
: a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed
[count] : a particular form or design of something
[count] : a way of behaving or of doing things
[noncount] : a particular way of living
see also lifestyle
[noncount] : the quality that makes things attractive, fashionable, etc.
[noncount] : an easy and graceful manner
[count] : the way that written words are spelled, capitalized, etc.

cramp your style

see 2cramp

in style

: popular or fashionable
: in a way that is impressive or admired because it shows talent, good taste, etc. : in a stylish way

out of style

: not popular or fashionable : not stylish
2 style /ˈstajəl/ verb
styles; styled; styling
2 style
styles; styled; styling
Learner's definition of STYLE
[+ object]
formal : to give (yourself) a name or title even if you do not really deserve it
often + as
see also self-styled
: to give a particular shape to (someone's hair)
: to design (something) for a particular purpose