1 stone /ˈstoʊn/ noun
plural stones
1 stone
plural stones
Learner's definition of STONE
[noncount] : a hard substance that comes from the ground and is used for building, carving, etc. often used before another noun
: a small piece of rock
: a piece of rock used for a particular purpose
see also headstone
[count] : a small, hard object that sometimes forms in a part of the body (such as the kidney) see also gallstone, kidney stone
[count] chiefly British : a large, hard seed found in the center of some fruits (such as plums and peaches) : pit
[count] British plural stone : a British unit of weight equal to 14 pounds (6.35 kilograms) abbreviation st

a stone's throw

: a short distance

carved/etched/set/written in stone

: permanent or not able to be changed

kill two birds with one stone

see 1kill

leave no stone unturned

: to make every possible effort to find someone or something

sink like a stone

see 1sink
2 stone /ˈstoʊn/ verb
stones; stoned; stoning
2 stone
stones; stoned; stoning
Learner's definition of STONE
[+ object]
: to throw stones at (someone or something)
: to kill (someone) by throwing stones
British : to remove the hard, large seed of (a fruit) : pit

stone the crows

British, informal + somewhat old-fashioned
used to express surprise
3 stone /ˈstoʊn/ adverb
3 stone
Learner's definition of STONE
: totally or completely
sometimes used in combination see also stone-cold